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S.M. PHARMACEUTICALS takes action in the pharmaceutical market on generic and innovative products, as a new, rising and promising company, creating continuously complete services witch supply even the most ad hoc needs.

The co-operation with strong Greek pharmaceutical industries that possess ISO and GMPs, according to the European legislation, ensures the quality of production.


S.M. PHARMACEUTICALS wants and possesses the ability  to officiate in the field of medicine, making its presence more significant and asserting with no influence its position among the strongest natively Greek pharmaceutical companies.


Trust, reliability, integrity and social service (CSR) define the driving force of the company’s significant presence so far. In the context of this philosophy, the company, throughout a complete regulatory affairs’ department, extends its co-operations by registration to international products with development pharmaceutical forms which facilitate the patient’s compliance.


Aiming at the improvement of people’s quality of life, we seek for new products, even branding substances, in co-operation with foreign pharmaceutical companies and medicinal products with development pharmaceutical forms which will facilitate the patient’s compliance.


Team spirit between our staff sets the foundation stone for our successful track through time, under the setting of continuous evolution, as a major goal.

Exhibiting fast growth rates since day one, S.M. PHARMACEUTICALS currently employs 52 people. It sales network in the city of Athens, as well as the whole country in magnitude of 45 people, who in majority, have a college and university education level background. People with perennial experience and a significant path in sales among years are leading this network, providing with knowledge, proficiency, continuous updating, as well as inspiration.

The administrative department of the company consists o f a group of people that have various educational background of university level, covering the scientific as well as the managerial that arise.

The company’s main philosophy is strongly related to the complete utilization of its human resources potentials. For that reason, S.M. PHARMACEUTICALS invests in its employees, providing them with continuous and updates, as well as motivation, so as to optimize the performance both individually and collectively.